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 As Colorado's Premier Animal Lawyers, we represent people and pets in pet custody, dog bite defense, service animal representation, veterinary malpractice, breeder contract disputes, and so much more
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Welcome to The Animal Law Firm! As Colorado's premier animal attorneys, we help you with pet custody, dog bite defense, service animal representation, veterinary malpractice, and much more. We know how important your pet, service animal, or working animal is to you and that is why we will do everything we can to get you the justice you and your animal deserve. We fight hard and we fight ethically. Our animal lawyers hold themselves to a higher standard, and it shows by our winning track record. 

At The Animal Law Firm, we use the justice system to create a world in which animal welfare is the primary consideration in animal cases. We use creative arguments and out-of-the-box thinking to get you and your pet the best result possible. 

We offer a wide variety of options for legal representation: full attorney-client representation where we handle every step of the case, to a la carte selection of the tasks our Firm will perform for you. We offer paid consultations if all you want is some legal advice to get you started to handle your case on your own. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help. 

If you are still not sure whether you want to work with us, call 303-623-4000 and schedule an appointment to meet with us and see for yourself. Feel free to bring your furry friend; they say animals are good judges of character! 


We hope to speak to you soon and start working towards a solution in your case.

- Kristina Bergsten








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We fight for underdogs of all shapes and sizes
contact us today for a free half hour consultation! 


We understand how important your pet is to you. That is why our Colorado animal attorneys fight for the underdog in dog bite defense, aggressive or dangerous animal defense, suing police departments when cops shoot dogs, and civil actions such as pet custody (replevin or partition), small claims matters, parvo-puppy purchases from pet stores, personal injury, veterinary malpractice, and animal neglect and animal cruelty.

If you have a problem involving your pet, we can help, no matter what problem you face! 


Our Colorado animal lawyers are experienced with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (the Colorado version of the ADA), and the Fair Housing Act and are ready to fight for you and your rights to be free from discrimination related to your use of a service animal. Whether you are facing housing, transportation, employment, or access discrimination based on your disability,The Animal Law Firm has the knowledge, experience, and compassion to get you and your service animal the justice Federal and State Law provides!



Exotic and wild animals are on the rise as pets in the United States. With the increase in activities such as goat and kangaroo yoga, many people think this is a fun gimmick for a business - or to have in their home. Exotic snakes or baby tigers are often seen as impressive animals to entertain guests. While this may seem fun and cute at first, exotic and wild animals are often illegal to own in Colorado without the proper permitting and permissions. Learn how our Denver animal attorneys can help you in our "Learn More" button, below!

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Exotic & Wild Animals
Girl with Dogs


Animal Rescues, Sanctuaries, and Shelters face unique challenges during the initial phases of set-up, and in the day to day of operations, education, and saving lives. PACFA is an important regulatory statute that must be carefully followed to stay in compliance with the law, and therefore, open. The Animal Law Firm' Colorado animal lawyers know the ins and out of this statutory section and are here to help you so you can focus on your important live-saving mission. 

Kristina is an excellent attorney. She was extremely dedicated to my case. She gave me the strength and confidence to continue my battle for custody of my dog. I cannot say enough good qualities about her. I highly recommend her.

- Joanna


In a day and age where everybody seems to be fighting and there's conflict everywhere, Kristina Bergsten brings a calm, experience to any situation. I hired her because I was being sued by my ex for the custody of our cats. She did not sugarcoat anything or tell me what I wanted to hear, instead, she clearly and kindly explained the law and took a strong stand for me.

If you want a dignified, affordable and experienced attorney, hire Kristina Bergsten!

- Charuta

I was very pleased with the help I received from Kristina Bergsten for my situation. She communicated with me well, during the time between court and was confident in her approaches. The judge even mentioned that I had good representation. My situation was over by pretrial as she was able to talk the DA into something I agreed on.

- Leroy



Attorney and Founder

Kristina M. Bergsten, Esquire

Kristina Bergsten is the owner and founder of The Animal Law Firm. She started practicing animal law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before moving to Colorado to be close to mountains and, of course, lots of animals! As a vegan, her passion for animal rights extends to every area of her life. Her current pet projects (pun intended) consist of writing, directing, and producing her podcast, titled "Fighting for the Underdog", founding a charitable foundation to help human and animal welfare organizations, writing novels, and spending lots of time with her furry children, Maggie and Sophie. 

Kristina is a 2018 COBALT Class graduate, a Board Member of Colorado Voters for Animals and the Denver Indian Family Welfare Center, an active member of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations, a member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, and a nationally and internationally recognized animal advocate.


Associate Attorney

Madison Steffey, Esquire

Madison Steffey is an attorney licensed in Oregon and Colorado. She attended Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon specifically for their animal law program. She was inspired to go to law school after learning about Tokitae, a captive killer whale who was stolen from her family as a calf and has been in an illegally sized tank at the Miami Seaquarium for over 50 years.

Madison immersed herself in everything the program offered; she joined the Animal Law Review, served as Co-Director of the school’s Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter, and was a student
intern for the Center for Animal Law Studies’ Animal Law Clinic, ultimately receiving a certificate in Animal Law.

She also clerked for the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Criminal Justice Program where she learned the ins and outs of animal welfare and developed a passion for the underdog. Madison is excited to be a part of The Animal Law Firm where she can fuel her passion by helping Colorado’s animals and their humans.



Sophie Bergsten is the Office Manager. Like any office manager, no one is exactly sure what she does, but she is always here and never on time. Sophie is self-appointed to oversee Maggie’s work and is rarely satisfied with it. Sophie also likes to insert herself into video depositions and virtual court. In her free time, Sophie can be found sleeping in her cat tower, scheming to get outside, chasing grasshoppers, and yelling at Kristina for pets and cuddles. 



Maggie Bergsten is the administrative assistant for The Animal Law Firm. Her duties include mail alerts, package alerts, miscellaneous alerts during phone calls and virtual court, office safety checks, retrieving dropped pens, and brightening office morale. Occasionally she can be found sleeping on the job, but her cheerful attitude and organizational skills make her an invaluable part of the team. In her free time she can be found running 5ks, chasing squirrels, and mountaineering. 


Head Law Clerk

Danielle S. Mark, Juris Doctor

Danielle S. Mark, an up-and-coming attorney, joined The Animal Law Firm in the Summer of 2019. In her role as the law clerk, she is Kristina Bergsten’s right-hand-woman. After graduating from Arizona State University, Danielle packed her bags and moved to colorful Colorado and began law school at the University of Denver where she focused on criminal defense and civil litigation, making her insights invaluable to the firm's criminal defense work and civil litigation in animal cases. She graduated in 2019 with not only her Juris Doctor, but also with a Certificate in Advocacy with a Criminal Law Focus. In marrying her love of the law, justice, and animals, Danielle is excited to continue to grow with every new challenge that comes her way. Danielle is proud to help fighting for the underdog.



We know how important your furry family member is to you. Whether they have no legs, two legs, or four or more legs, our priority is making sure you and your pet receive the best representation possible.

Success! Message received.

When you visit our office, feel free to bring your pet to meet our animal attorneys

- they say: animals are very good judges of character!

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