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Colorado Pet Custody

Fighting for Pet Custody:

How to Prove Your Case

We have the know-how you need.

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The Animal Law Firm's animal lawyers are tried and tested when it comes to pet custody disputes in Colorado. Even though you can't technically have custody of a pet because pets are treated as property by the court, legal disputes can arise over who has a lawful right to keep the pet as property. If you and your partner split up and a pet is something you both love, these "pet custody" battles can get really intense. The court will be left to determine who should retain ownership of the pet, which means you may have to supply evidence to prove you are the owner. Here are a few things you should supply to your animal lawyer.

Show proof that you are the pet's actual owner with a purchase/adoption contract and receipt of purchase (credit card receipt, canceled check, ATM cash withdrawal, etc.). 


If you originally adopted the pet or you are listed as the owner of the pet at vet, these are things that could help during your animal custody case. Bring along documents that can support your claim if you were the person listed as the owner.


Show receipts to prove what you have paid for pet care.


If you have been the primary care provider for the pet, gather evidence to support how much you paid. Consider receipts for things like:


  • Pet food and treats

  • Vet care

  • Grooming needs

  • Pet-sitting, pet boarding, or pet walking

  • Training


Any documentation you can provide to show how much you personally paid for the care of the animal and did not get reimbursed from your partner could help you in court.

Sometimes, a court will listen to evidence of who walked the dog, who played with the dog, who spent extra time with a dog. It is good to provide your animal lawyer with the names of independent witnesses who can testify to your care of and time spent with the dog. 

Call our our Colorado animal lawyers at The Animal Law Firm at 303-623-4000 in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and surrounding areas to find out how we can help get your pet back in your arms!


We know how important your furry family member is to you. Whether they have no legs, two legs, or four or more legs, our priority is making sure you and your pet receive the best representation possible.

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